Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thanks for the Mammaries

A couple of weeks or so ago, Sherry at Ex Marks the Spot was promoting crafty quilted bras while Violet on Miserablebliss was complaining about underwire bras poking about.

I thought perhaps I could bra-den the appeal of my blog with some observations of my own. No, not the speaker implants because men are always looking at women’s breasts and never listening to them but more in keeping with discussions on Rob-Bear at Desert Epiphanies, I will itemize four types of religious bras. There may be more. Readers are invited to contribute.

Roman Catholic bra – upholds the masses
Presbyterian bra – for the staunch and upright
Salvation Army bra – to lift the fallen
Baptist bra – makes mountains out of molehills


  1. How did I get involved in this?

    Al, have you been into the Scotch, seriously, again? Or smoking something very strange?

  2. It is the religious connection. though I think you are likely Non-demonimation?

  3. I have always held the Salvos close to my heart!
    Well after five kids anyway. :D

  4. Faith based bra - able to move mountains also known as the "over the shoulder bolder holder". :-)


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